Metallic® SAAS

Data Protection. SaaS Perfection.

Cloud-delivered data protection that actively secures, defends, and recovers data broadly.

Enterprise-grade protection, No compromises.

Experience the simplicity of SaaS with advanced industry-trusted data protection across critical cloud, on-prem, and SaaS workloads.


Safeguard data with confidence

Keep data safe, compliant, and recoverable from deletion, corruption, and malicious attack.

Eliminate silos

Protect and secure data where it lives with single-solution coverage across your entire data estate.

Stay resilient

Identify risks and defend data to minimize damage and accelerate response with proactive and multilayered security built-in.

Recover fast

Rapidly recover, reduce downtime, and drive stronger business continuity in the face of emerging threats.

The best of all worlds

Harness the power of cloud-native data protection. Stay compliant and reduce cost – for businesses of every size.

Start your data protection journey today

Simply fast and flexible with full access to try any SaaS workload,
capped at 1 TB backend storage for 30 days.

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Nevada Department of Transportation

Metallic delivers comprehensive, reliable data management and ransomware protection to empower NDOT to accelerate their journey to the cloud.

The Commvault Platform

Software, SaaS, or Appliance, the Commvault Platform delivers flexible consumption models to meet your needs while providing the next generation of data protection with a new layer of active defense, rapid recovery, and automation.

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