VMware backup solutions

Commvault’s data management platform makes it easy to protect and manage your entire VMware infrastructure. From a single, intuitive interface, Commvault offers intelligent data management capabilities including backup, recovery, disaster recovery, easy migration and cloud-optimized data mobility.

A simplified approach to managing and protecting your VMware environment

Our intuitive, web-based console provides an interface that makes it easy to identify, monitor, and manage your virtualized environment from any location or device. An at-a-glance dashboard allows you to quickly perform everyday tasks like reporting, backup and recovery with a few clicks.

Leverage service-level agreement (SLA)-based plans to easily provide protection that fits your business SLAs for VMs — reducing costs and streamlining operations. Our management console can also simplify administration and increase user satisfaction by giving your administrators and end users role-based, self-service access to VM recovery.

Comprehensive support for VMware

VMware offers enterprise-proven features. These include software-defined storage with vSAN and external storage solutions using Virtual Volumes (vVOLs), NFS and VMFS. Move your virtual machines easily and confidently within your data center or extend to the cloud using VMC on AWS.

Commvault integrates with VMware solutions, whether in on-premises infrastructure or in the cloud. Our platform provides extensive integration with VMware, with comprehensive capabilities including:

  • vSAN Support
  • vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO)
  • Realize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Plugins
  • Support for VMware Cloud Director
  • Support for vSphere with Tanzu (Kubernetes)
  • Support for VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services
  • Support for VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts
  • Support for VMware Cloud on Dell/EMC
  • Certified on and full support of vSphere 7
  • Agentless guest protection
  • Application-aware protection
  • vSphere tags and custom attributes
  • Support for VMware Cloud Director Plug-in
  • Backup and restore using vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)
  • Changed block tracking (CBT)
  • Restore full VMs, VMDKs, guest files, and folders

Quickly and easily migrate on-premises VMware virtual machines into Microsoft Azure using the Commvault Command Center™ – a simple yet powerful tool that can help you quickly and effectively manage your cloud migrations.

In this brief demonstration, you will see how quickly and easily you can migrate on-premises VMware virtual machines to Azure in just a couple of steps.

Simplified and scalable data protection powered by Commvault virtual server agent

The Commvault Virtual Server Agent for VMware allows you to easily protect and recover virtual machines and data without agents on each virtual machine. The VSA provides an agentless data management solution that provides a powerful and simple-to-manage platform to protect you VMware environment. With Commvault VSA, you benefit from:

  • Service level-based data management and protection plans
  • Agentless protection with automatic, application-aware plugins
  • Native integration with both public and private clouds
  • Disaster recovery powered by Live Sync replication to meet business requirements
  • VM conversions and migrations across hypervisors
  • Policy-based provisioning, power-down, and archiving

VMware Backup Solutions

To protect your VMware environment you need the ability to quickly protect and recover your virtual machines. Commvault VMware backup solutions leverages hardware array snapshots to reduce your backup and restore windows to just minutes. Commvault’s industry-leading snapshot management framework (create, maintain, delete) lets you easily move your data from snapshot to disk, tape, 或云.

Enterprise proven data management capabilities for VMware

The Commvault data platform provides a single, robust VMware backup solution. Why settle for multiple point solutions for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and test/development when you can deploy the Commvault Data Platform to provide these capabilities in a single solution? With Commvault, you can:

  • Reduce traditional disaster recovery costs by using a single toolset
  • Orchestrate migrations, conversions and recoveries of virtual machines to the cloud
  • Align your VM disaster recovery RPOs to your specific business requirements
  • Automate complex manual application recoveries beyond the virtual machine and operating system by using customized workflows
  • Enable stress-free, push-button disaster recovery testing for both planned and unplanned virtual machine failover and failback

Accelerate digital transformation with Commvault Distributed Storage

Cloud-based storage offers the flexibility the new hybrid world requires. Commvault Distributed Storage provides a modern private cloud experience through a software-defined storage solution that is designed for the hybrid world.

Commvault Distributed Storage spans across workloads, clouds, and tiers, making it easy for your organization to create and scale your private cloud solutions. Dynamically add capacity and performance as you grow without the disruptive downtime of traditional siloed offerings. Benefits of the Private Cloud

Automatically and dynamically provision storage assets using only software on standard x86 servers. Multi-protocol needs? No Problem. A unified, multi-protocol software platform that collapses SAN, NAS, and object infrastructure makes the next generation private cloud a reality.

Extend the life of storage assets by 52%

Reduce storage costs by 49%

Automate and simplify storage management by 45%

Key features of Commvault
Distributed Storage

  • Works with any storage workload, OS, or hypervisor
  • Uniquely supports SDS file, block, and object storage
  • Offers natively built database replication
  • Enables GDPR compliant storage management

Commvault infrastructure
as a service

Provides web-scale infrastructure using commodity hardware
Simplifies your organization’s infrastructure through a single pane of glass
Requires fewer resources to maintain infrastructure
Reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 60%

Leverage the full capabilities of VMware with Commvault data protection and management today.